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About Newboulds

We are instructed by clients who are responsible for major contracts across all sectors and markets, nationally and internationally.

Our involvement assures clients that their programmes will move in the direction they need to achieve their vision and goals.

Our highly qualified expert lawyers will pick up a project at any stage of its lifecycle, if necessary as an intervention measure, to offer top-down consultancy and hands-on support to ensure compliance across all parts of the relevant programme.










Our Services

At Newboulds, we work with our clients to:


  • Deliver a managed service built on a collaborative electronic platform using AI to enable incredible accuracy and speed
  • Provide big-hitting solutions for complex contracts
  • Ensure client deliverables are the centre point of the service
  • Keep associated mandatory obligations in real time and share these across internal teams and supply chain contracts
  • Identify wasted/incorrect time recording fast and rectify immediately
  • Enable non-performance accountability across the clients’ internal teams and supply chain
  • Assure continuous legal compliance, court readiness and e-Disclosure compatibility under the complex contract
  • Be always ready for contract negotiation & dispute resolution
  • Provide contract teams the ability to manage and report on their deliverables status in real time
  • Mitigate nugatory spend where sub-contractors bill in non-compliance of contract terms
  • Mitigate delays and costs resulting from poor dependencies management
  • Greatly improve transparency and accountability across the contract supply chains with reduced manual burden on commercial staff













Software as a Legal Service

In addition  to our highly qualified commercial legal advice and supporting activities, we offer the latest technologies for our clients to leverage commercial advantage in their programmes.  We can digitally transform our client capability to deliver contract obligations, manage complexity in real-time, have control over their supply chains and customer services for big and performance measured improvements.

Using the latest AI enhanced digital managed service software, we transform the way clients can manage their supply chain and client service, putting the client in ultimate control of their programmes and contract portfolios.

We assure our clients that:

(1) their performance obligations are delivered in time;

(2) contract changes are managed in real time;

(3) impact assessments are comprehensive and captured on data reports to inform decision making and business risk;

(4) they have the advantage in contract negotiations with supply chain and/or customers;

(5) they are court ready in the event of contract litigation; and

(6) they are e-Disclosure compatible.


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Our Value to Clients

1.  Programme compliance to mitigate all risk

2.  Real-time data providing transparency and accountability throughout the entire programme

3.  Autonomy in control levels and investment – e.g. inhouse or outsource managed service

4.  Ultimate control over every aspect of the programme

5.  More time to spend concentrating on Client customer service/business development